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About Us

About Us


Aristocrat Optical store

Aristocrat Optix is driven by outstanding quality, service and design. We offer awesome stylish eyewear from Europe; you can satisfy your wildest imagination at our store. We sell great accessories for your face that help you see the world better.



The main reason you want to do business with us is our unique inventory, superior optical knowledge, experience and available state-of-the-art technology.The purpose of our existence is to find a frame that will “speak” for you and bring you joy each time you put it on. We believe that every unique frame at our store is waiting for its face. We guarantee your experience to be like never before; 99% of our clientele give us a hug before they leave.

We are a family-owned local optical shop. Our in-house lab processes a small amount of jobs which allows us to dedicate necessary time to make everything no less then perfect. Our machinery cuts lenses with the surgical precision to 1/10 of a millimeter. As oppose to others, we do not send anything out to labs that tackle thousands of jobs a day. Your beautiful eyewear will never end up in the hands of inexperienced third party; this fact eliminates any damage possibility to your frame and lenses.The turnaround time is 3-5 business days for progressive lenses and one hour for a single vision pair of eyeglasses.

Aristocrat Optix partners with the best lens manufacturers in the United States that guarantee their product to be the highest quality such as Varilux, Essilor and Shamir. We also personally guarantee consistency in the quality and service to each of our client.

When you come to Aristocrat Optix, the owner will always be here. He will be the only person responsible for your purchase and always be able to give you a reasonable answer and outstanding service.

Please enjoy the latest and the greatest from the best..